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Welcome! I’m Mee Hee Douglas. You may be wondering about my name. I was born in South Korea and, from the age of 6, raised by a British mother and Antipodean father in Western Australia. My love of art, design, and poetry, led me to study fashion and textiles and I forged a pathway to become a fashion illustrator. But, my early history was such that I was driven to understand myself, intensely, deeply, and thoroughly! I dedicated much of my adult life to understand the influence of my early experiences on my emotional development, and this led me to specialise in psychoanalytic psychotherapy.  My extensive training, integrated with a wealth of life experiences, provided me with a unique perspective, intuitive ability, insight, and a framework, into the psychodynamics of people.  If you, also, want to deepen your understanding of yourself and others, and make necessary changes to transform your experiences toward your personal (and professional) liberation, growth, and development, I am here to help. I am kind, compassionate, and generous, but I am not for the faint hearted and will share with you what you need, not necessarily what you want.

Please note that Mee Hee does NOT see people in person.
All sessions are conducted via Zoom

Beautiful illustrations by Margaret Hardwick

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