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Couples Therapy

50 min | $250

Most of us (but not all) have a longing for a stable and satisfying adult relationship and yet, it can be enormously difficult to achieve. All couples form a unique way of subjectively relating to their partner and this can create tensions, some irreconcilable, and some potentially developmental and creative.

Couples often come to see me because they are unable to resolve communication struggles, betrayals, and conflicts but underlying this inability to move on is that the couple is unable to see themselves as a couple where they are more than the sum of the two of them.

Couples sessions provide opportunities to think about your relationship and what you are creating together. I help couples to move from blaming and feeling helpless that your partner is responsible to a position where you can think about what is happening between you in co-constructing your relationship.

Australian citizens referred under a GP or Psychiatry Mental Health Care Plan may be eligible for a capped number of Medicare subsidised sessions

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