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I want to provide some educational videos on a range of topics that I have encountered during my nearly 18 years of practice.  They are a snapshot into areas that I no longer work with as well as areas of current interest.  I share these videos in the hope that they will be informative, helpful, and useful.     



I no longer work with children or offer parent sessions so I wrote a summary of the main themes I would talk with parents about.  It is not comprehensive but an introduction to my ideas on parenting.  I was informed by a psychoanalytic perspective on development as well as the socio-political context of parenting in the 21st century.  I often had parents asking me if there was a book on the things I would talk with them about, unfortunately, I couldn’t direct them to any one book because my ideas were formulated from an integration of psychoanalytic theory, my own clinical experience, supervision, and personal understanding.  I share this video instead and hope that it is both helpful and useful to you.

I get a lot of questions about relationships.  It’s remarkable considering how much information there is out there about relationships but I realised that we are not taught the basics of social development as the basis for knowing what a relationship is or how they get formed. I hope this very introductory video can go some way toward clarifying the question of how to form proper attachments.

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